4 Hour Rule Book

General Rules:
1. All riders must access the course for themselves. Riders must rely on their own judgment and
assume all risks of participating.

2. All riders must attend the riders meeting.

3. Warm-up and jetting is available only in the pit area.

4. There is no speed limit in Pit Lane, however - we ask that riders use extreme caution while driving
through Pit Lane.

5. No rider is allowed to carry gasoline except inside their machine's gasoline tank.

6. Rough riding will not be tolerated. Ramming, blocking, or any intentional contact made by one
rider to another while on the course or in the facility may be cause for penalty. Unsportsmanlike-like
conduct happening anywhere on the course, pit area, or check/scoring areas may result in the
disqualification of the riders involved.

7. Due to safety concerns, pit bikes and golf carts will not be allowed.

8. Walking the course the day before or morning of the race is allowed and encouraged. No
motorized vehicles allowed.

9. All fueling must be made in the team's pit area. If a machine runs of out gas the ATV must be
towed by a staff tow unit back to the team's pit area. Only the three team riders will be allowed to
push their ATV back to their pit area - they shall receive no help from anyone other than their own
rider teammates and track-side officials. The ATV must be pushed in the direction of the track -
shortcuts to the pits will be allowed. Any ATV that was not entered in the race event will not be
permitted on the course. ONLY appointed officials can tow disabled race machines back to the pits.
Teams being towed to their pits will not pass through scoring -- therefore that lap will not be credited
to their score. Teams being towed in to their pit area will not be permitted to re-enter the course in
the spot that they broke down. Teams must continue on from their pits in the direction of the track

10. Mechanical changes will be permitted along the track (in a safe out of the way area), but
RIDERS ONLY will be permitted to work on their team's machine anywhere except their team's pit

11. Riders should use extreme caution when entering, navigating and exiting the pit area. Riders
always have the right-a-way. Racers leaving their pit area must yield to approaching riders.

12. Rule violators will be given penalty infractions. A list of infraction and their assigned penalties
will be provided at sign in. Penalties shall be assessed at the discretion of the official based upon
the severity of the offense.

13. All machines are subject to post race inspections.


1. Teams consist of 1-3 riders. Riders may share the same 4-wheeled ATV or ride there own.

2. Teams will switch riders as many or few times as they wish throughout the race.

3. Teams can have as many crew members and mechanics as they wish. Mechanics cannot work on
their team's machine unless they are in their pit area. Only riders are permitted to work on machines
along the track. Riders can use only the tools that they carry with them.

4. A team being towed into the pits will not be scored for the lap that they did not finish under the
ATV's own power. Riders and or rider teammates close enough to the finish line may push their ATV
to the scoring area and count that lap as long as their lap time is longer than their average lap time.

5. Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew.


See Classes here


1. Teams may race any ATV desired. There will be no displacement limit.

2. Nerf bars and bumpers are optional but recommended.

3. We don't require kill switches.

4. There is no width specification.

5. Machines must have silencers. Referee has final discretion on disqualifying teams that are too

6. A tech inspection will be conducted to every entry.

7. If the event is scheduled to race into the night. All ATVs must be equipped with at least one
headlight for night time riding. Tail lights are optional if glow stick (provided) is attached and working
properly. Additional glow sticks will be on sale at the event.

10. Welding will not be permitted in the pits.

11. Radios are not allowed between pit crew members and riders.

12. Horns are permitted in the pro and A class only. Air horns will be prohibited. Horn legal sound
level is 104db’s. Referee has final discretion.

13. No sharp or protruding objects area allowed anywhere on the ATV. Referee has final discretion.


1. Any time a rider leaves the course for any reason he must re-enter the course at the same spot
he originally exited in order to be scored for that lap.

2. All riders must remain within 25 feet of the marked course. The course will be marked with arrows.
Anytime double arrows are posted on the course, riders must stay between the arrows. Markers
may also include any device placed along the trail to help guide riders, including: ribbons, signs,
stakes, hay bales, barrels, tires, etc. Course cutting may result in disqualification. Referee has final

3. Any rider encountering a traffic jam or bottleneck along the course shall be allowed to go no
more than 25 feet off the course to get around the bottleneck only. However, the rider must re-
enter the course as soon as possible, and upon approaching this section the next lap, must ride the
original arrowed section if the track is clear. If these marking devices are knocked down, riders
should stay on the original marked course. Short cutting in these areas could result in penalty. A
"bottleneck" is a section of the track that becomes impassable due to riders falling or getting stuck.

Starting and Scoring Procedures:

1. The event uses a dead engine style start. All classes will start in there perspective lines.

2. Riders will line up in their assigned starting positions which are posted at the starting area. These
positions are randomly pulled.

3. The following class order will be closest to the first turn; Pro, A, +30, B, Utility and  C.

4. Any team that misses the start of the race course at the starting line and complete the start chute
staying within the markings.

5. A one minute signal will be displayed as well as a 10 second signal. The start signal will be a flag.

6. Flags: Yellow: No passing use caution. Red: Stop and ride single file to the scoring area without
passing anyone. Black: See official. White with Red Cross: No passing look for EMS on track.

7. The official clock will be displayed at the scoring area. This is where the official time of the event
will come from.

Rule Infractions and their Penalties:

1. If a quad is towed in that lap does not count. A rider may push the quad across the finish if they
have completed the full lap.

2. If a rider is given illegal help during a lap, they will be penalized a min of one lap.

3. If a rider is caught cutting the course, they will be penalized five laps for each time that they cut
the course.

4. Ramming blocking or any intentional contact is cause for a one lap penalty.

5. If the light or lights fail during a lap, the quad can complete that lap, but cannot start the next lap
if the lights are not working. The quad will be given a black flag on the next lap.

6. If a rider false starts at the start, a one lap penalty will be subtracted from the team’s overall laps.

7. Yellow flags mean there is a problem ahead on the track in that area. No passing is allowed until
you have passed the incident that caused the yellow flag. One lap penalty.

8. Teams are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew. Aggressive behavior, rude gestures
or insults towards any race officer, between two riders, or between a rider and a team member will
result in as much as a 10 lap penalty and/or disqualification.

Note: Additional penalties may be accessed at the discretion of the officials.


1. Awards are given to the top 3 place in each class. Each teammate will receive an award.

2. A rider may protest the scores within the 30 minute period following the posting of the final
results. After 30 minutes, awards will be given out.

3. If a team wishes to protest the results, they will have 30 minutes from the time the results are
posted. Protests must be files in writing in order to be considered a valid protest.

Spectator $10 per person, kids under 6 are free.

The Joe Kish Memorial 4 Hour Race allow teams of 1-3 riders to race the same ATV against their
respective classmates. Classes include Pro (at least 100% payback!), A(at least 100% payback!),
B, +30, Utility, C. There will also be Mini ATV classes Racing for 2Hours which include 70cc(6-11),
90cc(8-15). Events will start with a dead engine style system. All classes start in there rows. The
race course encompass cross country, motocross and TT terrain. Lap times will also be similar to
the 6 and 12 Hours events – all in the 10-15 minute per lap range.