Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?
Prices Vary and are on the
Classes Page. There will be at least a 100% pro purse. Spectator
admission is $10 each, kids under 6 are free.

What time does it start?
Gates open Friday afternoon and again at 8am Saturday. Sign up is 6pm-8pm on Friday and
8am-10am on Saturday morning. The race starts at 9:30 am.

Where can we sign up?
At the gate

How is the race scored?
All classes race in the same six hour session. The team in the lead with the most laps in each
respective class will win the event.

What are the engine displacement limits?
There is no cc limit or width limit. You can race any ATV desired in any of the classes.

Can we race aftermarket frames and motorcycle powered ATVs?

How wide should we set up our ATV?
Top finishing teams at the 12 Hours used set ups similar to those used in a motocross event.
However many 6 hours class winning teams have won with cross country widths and close to
stock set-ups. There will never be a narrower spot than 50". The 4 hr will be the same as a 6hr.

How often do we have to switch riders?
As often or little as you like.

How many mechanics are allowed in our pits?
As many as you like.

Can we change the whole motor if necessary?
You can change anything on the machine.

How many ATV's can we run?
You can run one ATV per team or one ATV per person.

I have a question that was not covered anywhere on this site. Where can I find the answer?
You can e mail just go to our conta or call Krash Racing Dirt Park at (740) 605-2711.